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therapy is the past 

coaching is present and future
-who you are today 
-behavioural patterns 
-where do you want to go (goals)

The transmission of behavioral trauma "Generational trauma"

It is a type of trauma that is passed on from generation to generation. It can be caused by war, disease, famine, death, natural disasters and other tragic events. This type of trauma has a lifelong impact on a child's development. Many people are affected by what happened to their family or ancestors. And this can be passed on to the next generation, even if they are not directly affected.

Effect of Generational Trauma on Children

The effect of generational trauma on children can be devastating. They may struggle to trust people, develop healthy relationships and feel safe in the world. They may also struggle with issues such as ADHD, depression, anxiety and addiction. If you are a child of trauma, you have nothing to be ashamed of. You can talk to someone and get the help you need so your life doesn't have to go through what happened in the past.

Although generational trauma is very serious, it is not something that we should all feel powerless against.


How heavy is the "backpack" that the child has to carry?

Can the child really be a child, or are there other roles he/she must fulfil?

Not safe, unsafe or over-protected?

The function of protection is to give your child security. But if parents confuse protection with over-protection, it can be detrimental to the child's mental health in the long run. 


Easily distracted, not good at listening.
Difficulty with details, making sloppy mistakes
doing many things at once, not finishing things,
forgetful , disrupts lessons and will not listen at home.

*Bringing context between parents, schools and the child. Here, too, trauma can be a cause.

Power bank

An empty power bank cannot charge other devices.

*Learn how and when to charge.

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